Video: Georgia officers risk lives to save man stuck on train tracks

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Cobb County officers risked their lives to save a man who had fallen asleep in his parked car on a railroad track.

The officers had only seconds to spare before the train came barreling through.

Cobb County officers were patrolling the Vinings area near Paces Ferry Road on July 24, 2019 when they noticed the car parked smack dab in the middle of the railroad tracks and went to see if anyone was inside.

Shining a light inside the car, the officers realized the driver was asleep and a train wasn't too far away.

Cameras caught the officers taking matters into their own hands without hesitation.

The doors were locked so officers busted the windshield to wake up the driver.

"Get him out of the car, the train is coming," one of the officers is heard on the video.

They got the man out just seconds before the train came through, crashing into the parked car.

The video has many in the community moved by the officers' heroic actions.

"They deserve a medal, a great vacation." Atlanta resident Natalie Woodson said. I think they do God's work when they do stuff like that."

Cobb County police on Facebook said they'd use one word to describe the whole incident, "Wow," – a word many are also thinking after seeing the video.