Video catches man set fire to McKinney homeowner's decorations

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McKinney arson investigators are trying to figure out who set fire to a homeowner’s Christmas decorations and then sat down and watched them burn.

The arsonist was caught on camera by a motion-activated Ring camera. But the homeowner says she did not hear the Ring alert on her phone because it was in the middle of the night while she was sleeping.

The video is disturbing.  A man is seen wearing house shoes as he sits down to watch a wreath burn that he set on fire. He can be seen scooting closer as if to get a better look.

The victim’s sister, Hanna Lim, explained what happened because her sister is busy getting ready for her wedding.

“This is the last thing she needed on her plate,” Lim said.

The video begins in black and white for night vision. The man urinates on Joanne Chung’s door and a doormat and then sets her topiary and wreath on fire. He then sets the doormat on fire before leaving.

“Complete shock,” Lim said. “Especially in McKinney in this neighborhood, you would never expect something like that.”

Lim says her sister discovered the damage Wednesday morning when she went out to pick up a package. That’s when she and her fiancé looked back at the footage from their camera.

“They looked over the cameras and found a complete stranger,” Lim said.

Lim and her sister hope someone will recognize the man in the video and call the McKinney Dire Department’s arson investigators.

“Our Christmas spirit won’t be killed over this,” she said.

Chung reported the incident to police. A spokesperson for the department says their arson investigators are now looking into the situation. They couldn’t say if it is an isolated incident or not.