Video captures 2 burglars breaking into Atlanta cell phone shop

Atlanta police are searching for two men caught on camera breaking into a Downtown cell phone repair shop.

The owner, AJ Dewberry, said the thieves smashed windows and stole $20,000 worth of merchandise from his cell phone shop that's not even one full block away from Atlanta Police Department headquarters.

"I always felt safe. I have the police precinct directly across the street, a big light above my store, cameras, out here, I'm on a big main street, so I always felt safe until the incident happened," AJ Dewberry said.

In a matter of minutes, Dewberry's cell phone shop--Level 10 repairs-- went from fully stocked, to smashed in with rocks.

"Anything can happen to anybody. I've been in business for six years. I have other friends who had break-ins in the first year, so I'm blessed this is my first one ever," he said.

Surveillance video shows two men break the repair shop's glass door and stealing merchandise for at least six minutes.

"They stole about $20,000 worth of stuff. I had phones, iPads, Apple watches, AirPods," he said.

They also took Dewberry's personal gun.

"It's in my name, it's registered to me. So, we've got to file things just in case they try to sell it to somebody to make sure I don't get in trouble for that," Dewberry said.

Footage shows the two leave the store, but later, one of them returns. And he isn't the most graceful thief.

The video shows the man trying to climb over a showcase. The glass shatters and his face slams into the cabinet, leaving behind a bloody mess and plenty of DNA for police to consider.

Insurance will cover the cost of the phones, but Dewberry paid the damages out of pocket and the thieves made off with his laptop-- nearly $4,000 from his own wallet.

Dewberry said the business is back up and operating with added security precautions.

The finishing touches include new window tint and burglar bars that were just installed Tuesday.

If you recognize either of the men in that surveillance video, give Atlanta police a call.

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