Video: Atlanta officer administers life-saving CPR after cyclist stops breathing

An Atlanta Police officer is being praised for his quick action in administering life-saving aide to a cyclist suffering a medical emergency.

According to APD, Officer Tulloch was responding to a call about a man in medical distress on Feb. 18. After quickly contacting EMS, the department says Officer Tulloch found that the man had stopped breathing altogether. Police say he immediately began chest compressions while EMS was on the way.

Officer Tulloch remained calm, often pausing only to check for a pulse and communicate with the male to keep him alert and conscious," the police department posted to its Facebook page. 

Once EMS arrived, police say they were able to regain the cyclist’s pulse before taking him to the hospital.

Grady EMS staff also expressed their gratitude for Officer Tulloch’s lifesaving efforts with a letter of accommodation to his Zone 4 chain of command.

"We’d like to also thank and acknowledge officer Tulloch for his life-saving efforts that day, as well as wish the cyclist a path to wellness during his recovery," the department post read.

Well done Officer Tulloch!