Video shows armed carjacking in Home Park neighborhood

Police in Atlanta released a video of bump-and-run carjacking in the Home Park neighborhood on May 5 in hopes someone will recognize those responsible. Police said the men did it while the woman was waiting at a traffic light. 

It happened around 8:51 p.m. along 14th Street NW at the Howell Mill Road NW intersection. Atlanta police said the surveillance video shows the suspect’s dark-colored sedan slowly move forward and tap the bumper of a white BMW stopped in front of it. The driver of the BMW then gets out, as did the driver and passenger in the other car, but police said they were both armed.

"As usual as someone getting out to check their bumper. I checked and gave them a thumbs up. I turned around to head back to my car," Kadejah said. 

As Kadejah went back to her car things went from the so-called accident to intentional. 

"As I took a glance to check around before getting back in the car I noticed that they were both rushing me with two AK-47s," Kadejah said.

Kadejah said the men made vulgar remarks. 

"They stated that I was about to die if I didn’t cooperate," she said.

Kadejah tried to go back into his car to get away, but the driver of the second car pushed her away from the vehicle and got into the driver’s seat. The passenger then went back to the other car. Eventually, both cars drove away as the victim, who was not injured, looked on.

"Am I about to really fight and die about this or am I going to try my best to get away. So I took all the ego out of the moment and focused on getting out of the situation," Kadejah said.

The whole thing took under 50 seconds as the video shows.

Still shaken from the incident Kadejah had officers take her home where they found another surprise. 

It appeared as if someone had entered her home. 

"They pushed the door because he saw it was open. He told me to stand down and had all of us move from the garage,  Kadejah said. 

Officers said they did not find anyone inside

Police said they found the car a short distance away the next day.

"I would tell them to be careful because the life you saved might be your own. You just got lucky to get away. You might not be so lucky next time," Kadejah said.

Kadejah has a message for others out there to be aware.

"Just be careful. Watch your surroundings don’t be distracted. Just always watch your rearview mirrors driving, who is around you, leaving gas stations, women, women with kids, or if you have things of value. Watch your surrounding," Kadejah said.

The suspects remain on the run. Anyone with information should call the Atlanta Police Department Youth Squad at 404-546-4260 or anonymously at the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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