Victims in park armed robbery say items helped community center

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Two victims in a recent armed robbery at a park say the crime has hindered their abilities to assist a new community center.

Michael Barry and Jimmie Hardy were in Oakland City Park in southwest Atlanta late last month when a man and woman robbed them of video cameras, cell phones and other technology at gunpoint, according to an Atlanta Police incident report.

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They said the armed thieves asked, "What are you looking at?" before stealing from them.

The men told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell they have been documenting the growth and preparation of Peters Street Station over the last year. The owner plans to open the center, which will focus on the arts, in February 2019.

The victims described the suspects as African American. They said the man is in his early to mid-twenties, 5-feet-6-inches tall, and was wearing a bandana. They said the woman has medium-brown skin and wore her hair braids in a bun. They believe she is 18 years old.

Anyone with information on the crimes is asked to contact the Atlanta Police Department.

Barry has set up an online account to take donations to help replace the stolen equipment. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so by going to