Victims identified in Norcross murder-suicide

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Police have identified the two people found dead inside a Norcross home on Monday.

The victims, 49-year-old Glenda Nguyen and and 45-year-old Hoang Nguyen, couldn't be identified at first because of their state of decay. 

They were discovered in the front and back of the house, located on North Norcross-Tucker Road, by a Norcross Police officer in the early afternoon hours. He was flagged down by a man who cutting the grass for the landlord who smelled a terrible odor coming from the home.

Next door neighbor Peggy Phillips also got a whiff of something bad.

"Well, I noticed something bad yesterday when I got back from the grocery store and I was taking my groceries in. I smelt this odor. I thought it smelled like dog poo," said Peggy Phillips. She also told us she has not seen anyone come or go from the home for several weeks now as evidenced by the mounds of mail pulled from the mailbox by a GBI technician and the SUV parked in the driveway.

"Preliminary findings were that the female victim was murdered and the male victim committed suicide," said Norcross police in a news release. 

Investigators believe Hoang stabbed Glenda twice before taking his own life. 

The female victim had been renting the home for a few months. According to her ex-husband, Glenda had a brother and investigators believe her sibling was the male victim. Both of them were born in Vietnam. 

According to the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner's Officer, the murder-suicide took place sometime around the first week of June. 

At this time, investigators aren't sure what led up to the deaths. Police said neith victim had relationships with their neighbors and no friend have been identified.

Anyone with information on the Nguyens is asked to contact Norcross police at 770-448-2111.

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