Vandals Break into Cars at Church, Neighborhoods on Southwest Atlanta

Churchgoers in a local community are looking to repair their vehicles after a rash of car break-ins Wednesday night.

Vandals broke into four cars outside the Cornerstone Church during a bible study, Atlanta Police confirm to FOX 5 News.

Cornerstone Church Pastor Richard Mullen said more than 30 people were inside worshiping.

“We've seen break-ins of friends, neighbors and even here at the church increase at a rapid rate,” Mullen said.

APD told FOX 5 that, in the last 28 days, there have been 23 car break-ins and 6 auto thefts in the West End community. Officers haven't made any arrests in the cases. However, police ask people to call 911 if they see suspicious activity and avoid leaving valuables inside their vehicles.

Mullen wants more officers dedicated to patrolling the area, he said, hasn't seen this spike of crime in a while.

“People in this community are taking all the precautions necessary to reduce crime but what we would like to see happen is police presence here that will find the people who are doing this,” he added.

APD reported it has increased off-duty and overtime officers in the West End.