Valley boy gathers money for upgraded Batcave

A valley boy is collecting jars of cash for Batman, he's helping expand a local organization that lets sick kids visit the Batcave, and he presented all of his hard work on his birthday.

The crime fighting cave is a recreation of the 1960's Batcave, complete with the Batmobile. Sick kids are invited to tour the facility in Phoenix, and when Tyson heard it would be expanding he wanted to help.

"Tyson was one of the youngsters who came to our existing crime fighting cave back in March, and in June he asked what he could do to help build our new facility," said Charles Keller.

Tyson started collecting jars of change, and on his birthday he donated everything he had collected. The plans are for the cave to expand to 35,000 square feet.

What to do with all that extra space?

"When they asked me what I think they should build in there, I immediately said a replica of Gotham City," said Keller.

Only instead of Gotham City, it will be called Tyson City.

If you would like to help with donations visit: