Upper Dublin Girl Scout creates comfort blankets to comfort others

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Upper Dublin High School junior Allie Hopper is finishing a project that took nearly two years to complete.

Allie and a crew of people made over 100 comfort blankets for the Upper Dublin Police Department. 

“Do you have a day when you are going to give your presentation?” asked Officer Tegan Timcho, of the Upper Dublin Police Department.

A presentation will be the final step to complete Allie’s gold award. The gold award represents the Girl Scouts highest achievement. The award recognizes girls who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through projects that have a sustainable impact in their communities.

Officer Tegan Timcho worked as the department’s liaison.

“Being a former Girl Scout, it was a little exciting being able to help somebody out in something that I participated in when I was a kid,” said Officer Timcho.

The blankets will be kept in each police unit and handed out to children going through a traumatic event.

“Whether it be a medical event or a vehicle accident, they have something that can comfort them and help them get through that situation,” Officer Timcho explained.

“Given with warm thoughts and hugs provided by All of Girl Scout Troop #7092 and the Upper Dublin Police Department,” Allie read out-loud.

A kind note seals the packaging holding the blankets that required over 500 yards of fabric to make.

“We went online to see what patterns looked good,” Allie said.

The best thing about Allie’s project – it has the chance to live on. Providing more comfort to children who need it.

“I taught other members of the community and the Girl Scouts. So they can keep it going or support other causes and the community can also do that,” Allie stated.