UPDATE: Horse Wandering Freely Has a Home

A horse who has been roaming through yards in a south Fulton County community now has a home.  Residents had no idea where the horse came from or who it belonged to.

After we aired the story on FOX 5 news, a family from Harris County decided to take the horse in. 

Residents said the animal showed up one day several weeks ago and just roams from yard to yard. Neighbors said it's become a nuisance and is even making some people like Priscilla Butts nervous.

"It's been kind of scary because he would just run and run and we didn't know what to expect," said Butts.

The horse has run into the road several times, and last week ran in front of a school bus.

"The school bus driver had to slam on the brakes with a bus filled with kids," said resident George Lainhart.

Residents have asked around, but there have been no reports of missing horses. They've tried to capture the horse, but have been unsuccessful. They've called animal control several times, but once officers get close, the horse takes off.

The horse has a gash on its hind leg and may need medical attention. While the horse seems content to simply roam from yard to yard, residents said he can't stay.

"I'd rather we find someone who knows about horses and who can care for him and take care of his wounded leg, especially with winter coming he needs to have a good barn to go in," said Lainhart.

The family from Harris County managed to get the horse into one of their trailers Wednesday morning.  The horse will be seen by a veterinarian to get his leg checked out, and then will be taken to the family's farm where he will have his very own stall.  "This family knows about horses and I'm sure he will have a happy life," says Lainhart.