Union City woman carjacked outside of restaurant

Police are searching for the man who carjacked a woman outside of a Union City Waffle House, but she said it’s not the first time she has been targeted at this location.

Tieshounda Bell said she has been extra careful the past few months after she was robbed at gunpoint last September. Bell said she even parks at a specific space where two surveillance cameras are trained just outside of the restaurant where she works as a waitress and cook. But she said she did not expect what happened Friday morning.

“I was shaking. I’m traumatized behind it and… My life will never be the same,” said Bell.

The 22-year-old waitress and cook stepped out of the Waffle House for her break around 2 a.m.

"As I was trying to close the door back, the man had the gun and stopped me from closing my car door with the gun. And end up saying 'Get out of the car, b-----. Get out of the car, b-----.' and I'm like, 'What I did to you?' He was like 'Get out of the car, b-----. Get out of the car. Give me your keys. Give me your keys.'"

Surveillance video from this Flat Shoals Road Chevron gas station captured an image of a man spraying down the business window was a fire extinguisher, possibly thinking there were cameras inside. He then disappeared to the side of the business where a tan four-door car can be seen in the top right corner driving by and then appears to pick up another man.

Bell said that car was her Impala stole just 60 yards away. She said the man pointed a gun at her head.

A still photo from another surveillance camera clearly shows a man with his face covered and his hand in his car.

“At first, I was hesitant on giving him my keys, but I was like, I don't want my life to be taken over something quick like, in an instant,” said Bell.

Bell said she has worked at the restaurant for the past seven years, putting in about 30 hours a week. She said this incident has left her sad and angry.

“I just, I work hard for everything, you know? And it's hurtful,” said Bell.

Union City police said they are in the preliminary stages of the investigation, but right now, they do believe what happened at both these businesses are connected.