U.S. Marshal's Office: Dangerous criminal may be in Atlanta area

The U.S. Marshal’s Office said they are searching for a man who has a dangerous rap sheet and should be behind bars.

Instead, federal authorities said 37-year-old Kamali Rives was mistakenly released from jail, and may be hiding in the Metro Atlanta area.

Authorities hope a reward from both U.S. Marshals and Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta will bring the fugitive to justice.

Federal authorities told FOX 5 News, Rives was sentenced in March 2016 on 23 counts ranging from fraud to aggravated ID theft, against banks and car dealerships. Victims reported losses totaling $2 million; he apparently pled guilty to the charges.

Although Rives should be serving a sentence of more than 19 years, federal officials said Rives was mistakenly set free in October 2016 by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina.The Fulton County Jail said the release happened after they transferred him there.

Authorities said Rives has a history of weapons and assault charges. They believe he could be in the Atlanta area, due to numerous family members who live here.

Rives is described as a 6'1," 170 pound male.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta at (404)577-TIPS (8477), and can remain anonymous. The U.S. Marshals can also be reached at their information line: (404) 331-6833.

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