Two suspects shot in Atlanta officer-involved shooting

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Atlanta Police said two suspects were shot after the driver of a stolen vehicle rammed several cars and attempted to flee. 

The ordeal shut down the University Ave. SW ramp of the I-75/85 interchange, and several blocks of the street, all the way to Metropolitan Parkway. 

Police said Saturday afternoon, officers spotted two stolen Dodge Chargers, one of which was stolen in the area half an hour before; the vehicles were stopped in traffic, then as police attempted to arrest the suspects, one of the vehicles rammed at least five cars on the NB exit ramp.

"Several Atlanta officers felt threatened. They discharged their weapons into the vehicle," said Major Jeff Glazier. 

Police proceeded to fire at the vehicle.

"We got down. Shots rang out both ways overhead," said a driver, who said he saw officers with weapons, then was rear-ended by the stolen vehicle. 

The vehicle, which was struck by gunfire, fled and crashed at Metropolitan Parkway.  

Four suspects were arrested, and two were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. Police did not have updates on their condition. 

Plenty of residents along the stretch of road closures were kept from their homes for several hours in the heat of the day.