Two shootings raise crime concerns at Camp Creek Marketplace

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The entire Camp Creek shopping district by most measures a big success. It is an economic engine. Last year, the district generating more than $3.7 million in tax revenue for the city of East Point. Leading the way is the 15-year old Camp Creek Marketplace. It's considered the shopping spot for south Fulton County.

“Target, Dollar Tree, Old Navy,” says shopper Dyamond Phillips. “So many stores in one.”

But after an officer-involved shooting in a grocery store parking lot back in December and last Saturday’s shooting of three teens, some folks stunned and unsure.

“I’m so sorry,” says Hapeville shopper, Janice Steadman. “I would like to see the blue lights.”

The Camp Creek Marketplace sits in Atlanta and East Point. Both police departments say they have more patrols on site.

“For the East Point side, we have more patrols in the area with marked and unmarked officers. The management for our side has also invested in placing cameras throughout,” said police department spokeswoman Detective Ebony Johnson.

Atlanta police say crime in the area is down 62 percent year-to-year. The department released a statement calling Saturday’s shooting quote “an isolated incident…we will not tolerate these criminals acts and our investigators are working to identify and apprehend those responsible.”

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The owner of Camp Creek Body Art set up shop at Camp Creek Marketplace 8 years ago and has seen the cars of his employees and customers broken into several times recently.  He just got hit two months ago -- for the third time.

“I had just purchased the car. I hadn’t had the car no more than 6 hours,” said Melvin Robinson. “We tried to get a private security company, but it was expensive.”

Robinson wants more police patrolling because he is like many shoppers here. They fear what could happen if this shopping district becomes undesirable.

“If we don’t make this work, I don’t know what,” says Steadman.

“It would be devastating if this were to go. No one would want to build another one,” says Phillips.

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