Two men arrested for Coweta County Waffle House robbery

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Two men were arrested after investigators said they robbed a Coweta County Waffle House in December. Police believe the pair is also behind a series of other Waffle House Robberies across metro Atlanta.

Detrick Green and Spencer Williams face armed robbery charges. Police said the men left traces of DNA at the crime scene which helped lead to the arrests.

WATCH: Robbers caught on tape holding up a Coweta County Waffle House

The two alleged Waffle House robbers were nabbed in Fulton County, but investigators in Coweta County may have the better case. That’s because the men allegedly left behind their DNA on dirty dishes.

The proximity of the restaurant to Exit 41 on Interstate 85 is important to the investigation. The men who robbed the restaurant back in December 2016 made a hasty getaway with now former waitress Heather Burkinsha-Stanley on their heels firing shots from a gun she had retrieved from her car.

Waffle House fired Heather. FOX 5’s Doug Evans spoke with her by telephone Wednesday and she said she was relieved at the capture of two suspects.

“I was very happy that they arrested them. That they are off the street and in one aspect look over my shoulder,” said the former Waffle House waitress.

Heather said she recognized Green and his noticeable tattoo between his eyes.

“You do not see to many people with a tattoo on their face or on their forehead. It was very distinctive markings,” she said.

Altogether, three men entered this Waffle House on December 29. They sat at a table and ate their meal. One man went to the cashier and said he had a gun and demanded money from the register.

Second later, when the cashier told heather of the robbery, the surveillance video shows her going outside to her car. She retrieved a handgun and fired shots that would end up getting her sacked.

Coweta County investigators collected DNA evidence from the dirty dishes left behind that they hope to tie to Williams and Green.

As for losing her just job she said she believes God has a better plan for her life.

There have been a string of these Waffle House robberies in metro Atlanta. Investigators are all working together to determine how many might involve this pair and what other names they can get out of them.

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