Two girls rescued following DeKalb SWAT standoff

Two young girls have been rescued from a DeKalb County apartment after an overnight standoff. Police believe they were held captive and forced into prostitution.

The situation started Thursday night and ended early Friday morning at the Park at Hairston complex in Stone Mountain. This is located on South Hairston.

At this time, three people are under arrest. Police haven't released any names or what they've been charged with. However, they are describing the three suspects as "predators."

DeKalb Police say Special Victim detectives and officers arrived on a tip that a young girl was being kept captive and prostituted. FOX 5 News has learned a family member to one of the girls was the one who tipped off police.

We're told those investigators approached an apartment and that's when someone inside pointed a gun at police through a window. Those officers took cover and initiated the SWAT emergency.

Hours later, they forced their way into the apartment and took two men and a woman into custody. They rescued the two young ladies.

"The sad and unfortunate part of all this is that we have a 12 and 14-year-old that were being exploited for sex here," said DeKalb County Public Safety Director Dr. Cedric Alexander. "Tonight, SWAT members were able to make entry, rescue the two you ladies from further harm."

It's unclear how long the girls had been held. According to police, there could be more people involved in the sex trafficking operation.

The girls are now in protective custody and are getting medical attention.