Two Forest Park women trapped by fallen tree

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Two women are in the hospital after they were pinned beneath a tree Tuesday evening. The falling tree also damaged a home and two cars.

The man who lives in the home on Dennis Street in Forest Park said his mom and some friends had just walked out of the house and sat down when he heard a large tree crack and yelled at them to run.

He said the women made it half-way across the lawn when the tree hit them. One woman managed to crawl out from beneath the branches, the other two were pinned under the tree.

Neighbor Denise Nolan heard the tree fall, then people start to yell.

"They were screaming 'Momma's under the tree!' and he got the chainsaw and was trying to cut the branches when the fireman and everyone came," said Nolan.

Once firefighters were able to free the women, they were rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.