Two cases of kids left in hot cars

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There have been two cases of children being left in hot cars in north Georgia the last three days.

One of the cases is out of Calhoun. It happened Monday. Police said a foster mom named Debra Lane had three children with her. She was taking the two older children to school. She dropped them off and went to work, not realizing the 2-year-old was still in the car.

She told police the routine had changed that day. She said she usually drops the younger one off first.

Police said the 2-year-old was in the car for two hours. It wasn't until Lane was headed to lunch that she found her.  The child was treated for dehydration, but is expected to be okay. Lane was arrested.

On Saturday, a couple was arrested for leaving their 8-year-old daughter in their car at a Whitfield County flea market.

They told police that the child wasn't feeling well, so they left her in the car, but only for a few minutes. Police said another shopper saw the child and a dog in the car and called police. The girl was running a high fever, but police said she will be okay. Brittany Wells and Franklin Jaynes were arrested.