Two arrested in Haralson County murder

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Two big arrests were made by the Haralson County Sheriff's Office and GBI agents. Eight months ago, all they had were skeletal remains with no leads, but Tuesday investigators announced two arrests in the murder of a 32-year-old woman.

Investigators said Natoshia Smith was beaten and shot in the head.  Smith was found in August 2015, after a person looking for artifacts near an abandoned house on Coppermine Road found skeletal remains.

Investigators do not know how long Smith was out there, but did not give up on the case. The Haralson County Sheriff said investigators worked around the clock to solve this murder.

"She is from here, her family is from here, and we all believe through prayers and everything the family needs some closure," said Sheriff Eddie Mixon with The Haralson County Sheriff's Office.  "Each employee we have and the GBI worked throughout the day and through the night, chasing every lead possible to make a determination to what happened to Ms. Smith," said Sheriff Mixon.

Carolyn Southers is charged with aggravated assault.  Ryan Pittman is charged with murder.  Deputies said Pittman was found not guilty of murder in 1994.  The sheriff said Smith's case is an active investigation and more charges are expected to be filed against both.