Two arrested for stealing, crashing Fulton school bus

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Two people have been arrested for stealing and crashing a school bus outside Banneker High School.

According to a the Fulton County School District, it happened sometime between 10:00 p.m. Sunday and 3:00 a.m. Monday. 

A concerned viewer sent video of the incident to the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page, which has been viewed thousands of times.

In the video, the stolen school bus drives at high speeds and smashes straight into the side of another bus.

"It was appalling," said Harold Smith, who lives in a neighborhood behind the school.  "I just wonder what prompted it."

School police would not release the names of those involved, but they have been charged with entering auto and criminal interference with government property. 

District officials said the buses were parked on the property with the keys inside to allow personnel to move them as needed. The busses are being stored at the school temporarily while a parking lot in being renovated, but some who live near the Banneker campus said they are concerned about what they now believe is a lack of security.  

"You have to take steps towards preventing something like that from happening, because they could've hurt themselves or they could've hurt somebody else and not to say what kind of damage they already did to the property," said Melvin Copeland. 

The investigation into the incident remains open and the school district is reviewing protocols involving bus storage.

For now, keys will not continue to be stored in the buses.