Two arrested after infant killed in I-75 wreck in Henry County

Two males from Indiana have been arrested in connection with a deadly multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 75 in Henry County that left an infant dead. 

Investigators said four cars were involved in the accident on I-75 southbound around 6:30 p.m. when traffic was very busy along the interstate. Two of the vehicles involved had Florida tags, another car with Michigan and the fourth had an Illinois license plate. 

Authorities say a Dodge Ram struck the rear of a Hyundai Sante Fe, which then struck a Kia Sedona. After the crash, police say the driver and passenger of the Dodge Ram, identified as Michael Sexton, 26, and William Helm, 17, fled the scene on foot. Both were later arrested at different locations.

Sexton faces multiple charges, including theft by receiving property stolen in another state, affixing of plate to conceal or misrepresent identity, driving while suspended or revoked, homicide by vehicle in the first degree, homicide by interference with official traffic control, failure to report accident, following too close, willful obstruction of Law enforcement officers, and driving too fast for conditions. 

Helm is charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Officers told FOX 5 a two-year-old child was removed from the Hyundai Sante Fe with a Michigan tag, taken to a local hospital, but didn't survive. The child was properly restrained in a car seat, authorities said.

No other serious injuries were reported.

Traffic was heavy along I-75 south Tuesday as Florida evacuees headed back home. Henry County Police confirm the wreck was partially due to heavy traffic in the area.