Two adults, one child injured in Log Ride malfunction at Castle Park

A man was critically injured and his wife and child suffered less-severe injuries when the log ride at the Castle Park amusement park in Riverside malfunctioned and threw them into the water, authorities

The accident was reported about 4 p.m. on Sturday at Castle Park, 3500 Polk St., Riverside Fire Department Capt. Brian Guzzetta said.

The failure of a pump that normally provides an ample flow of water to slow the ride as it descends down a slope caused the car the family was in to gain too much speed and hit the bottom unusually hard, throwing the three out of the car,  Guzzetta said.

They were quickly removed from the shallow water, but the man suffered injuries that left him in critical condition, Guzzetta said.

All three were taken by paramedics to a trauma center for treatment.

The log ride and adjacent rides were shut down for investigations by the city of Riverside and Castle Park, he said. The rest of the rides remained open.

Guzzetta estimated that "several thousand" people were at the park today.

Live video from the park on Saturday: