Tug boat sunk off Georgia coast to help foster marine life

A screenshot from the Georgia Department of Natural Resource's video.

A 40-foot tug boat has now been sunk off the coast of Georgia for a good cause.

The Miss Lacy now sits at her new home at Reef DRF, which is around 15 nautical miles east of Little St. Simons Island.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the tug was sunk in an effort to enhance the local marine habitat and promote biodiversity.

"From sponges and corals to curious fish species, this addition promises to create a vibrant underwater community for anglers, divers, and marine life," the Georgia DNR wrote on Facebook.

Before she was sent 55-feet down into the deep, the Miss Lacy was cleaned and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

A similar project was started in 2023 with old MARTA train cars.