Is it secure?: TSA begins allowing mobile driver's licenses at some checkpoints

Georgia began rolling out digital drivers licenses this week.

FOX 5 reported about this new development where travelers can use a phone as an identification at certain TSA checkpoints, but is it safe?

A lot of people have been talking about this new feature where you can use your phone as an ID. Georgia’s only one of four states doing this. 

For now, officials say travelers still need a physical ID, but Rajiv Garg, an Emory University professor who specializes in IT says this is the beginning of a new era. 

"The state is doing the right thing and rolling this out slowly," said Rajiv Garg.

Assistant professor Rasheev Garg says all indications are that the technology is safe.

"So far, at least for the Apple products, I haven’t seen anybody able to spoof it," said Garg.

He says people can’t just brush up against your phone and steal your identity. It’s kind of like using a credit card on a phone at a register, confirmation is still needed.

"You have to double-click, you have to look at the phone, it’s facial recognition and a double tap that actually makes it more secure," said Garg.

Right now it’s just for iPhone.

Garg says the biggest danger he can foresee is people unwittingly allowing sketchy websites or apps access to the information.

He says the key to keeping sensitive information safe is to pay really close attention to what is being done on the phone. 

"Make sure that it’s not somebody unrecognized who is trying to pull information, your ID, your address, everything, your date of birth, onto their website," he said.

Garg says he sees a day soon when all can finally ditch their physical wallets once and for all.

He thinks even police will soon have readers that can just be tapped on during traffic stops.