Trump supporters hold rally outside Georgia secretary of state's home

Tensions over the election results came to a head Saturday after a group of supporters of President Donald Trump held a rally outside the Georgia secretary of state's home.

Trucks flying Trump and "Stop the Steal" flags drove up and down the street outside of Secretary Brad Raffensperger's property, honking their horns as they passed by.

The organizer of the protest tells FOX 5 that, while they've protested at Gov. Brian Kemp's mansion several times, this is the first protest they've held outside Raffensperger's home.

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When asked what message she wanted to send to the secretary of state, organizer Ursula Christie said she wanted him to know "we are silent no more and we want him to know that we are watching and we are listening and we are aware of the actions being taken."

Raffensperger, a longtime Republican who said he voted for Trump in November's presidential election, has been a focus of anger for Republicans and the president for his handling of the election.

On Thanksgiving Day, Trump called Georgia's election was part of a "fraudulent system" and said Raffensperger was an "enemy of the people."


Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have also called the top election official's resignation, and losing Republican Senate candidate and Trump's recount director Doug Collins tweeted Raffesnperger was "incompetent."

Trump's comments come a few days after Raffensperger penned an op-ed criticizing President Trump's campaign's for questioning Georgia's election results titled "My family voted for Trump. He threw us under the bus anyway."

"A losing presidential campaign refused to accept the facts, following a playbook written by a failed gubernatorial candidate two years before. A failed Senate candidate with nothing to do tried to undermine the integrity of Georgia’s elections," Raffensperger wrote.

Raffensperger has also told FOX 5 he and members of his family have received death threats and attacks for his work.

"What's really troubling about it is when threats actually came into my wife's you know cell phone," said Raffensperger. 

 There were about 200 supporters at yesterday's rally.

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