Georgia secretary of state says Trump 'threw him under the bus' in new op-ed

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 06: Georgia Secretary of State Ben Raffensperger holds a press conference on the status of ballot counting on November 6, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2020 presidential race between incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump and De

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has penned a new op-ed criticizing President Trump's campaign for questioning Georgia's election results.

The article, titled "My family voted for Trump. He threw us under the bus anyway," was published in Wednesday's edition of USA Today.

In the piece, Raffensperger defended the process, stating Georgia had "wildly successful and smooth elections." He went on to say that the president "refused to accept the facts" of the results.

"A losing presidential campaign refused to accept the facts, following a playbook written by a failed gubernatorial candidate two years before. A failed senate candidate with nothing to do tried to undermine the integrity of Georgia’s elections," Raffensperger wrote.

The Secretary of State has maintained there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state's election. He reitierated that elections are and should always be non-partisan.

"Elections are the bedrock of our democracy. They need to be run fairly and, perhaps more important, impartially. That’s not partisan. That’s just American. Yet some don’t seem to see it that way," Raffensperger wrote.

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Georgia officially certified results following a hand-count audit. The results showed Biden with 2.47 million votes, Trump with 2.46 million votes and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen with 62,138. That leaves Biden leading by a margin of 12,670 votes, or 0.25%.

Following certification, President Trump requested a recount and has remained critical of Georgia's election process on Twitter, and of Raffensperger. Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue called for his resignation, and losing Republican Senate candidate and Trump's recount director Doug Collins tweeted Raffesnperger was "incompetent."

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Speaking with FOX 5, Raffensperger said he and members of his family have received death threats and scathing political attacks.

"What's really troubling about it is when threats actually came into my wife's you know cell phone," said Raffensperger. 

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