While dealing with death threats, Raffensperger says recount tracking toward Biden win in Georgia

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said hand recount numbers are tracking towards Joe Biden as the winner in Georgia.

Raffensperger told the FOX 5 I-Team the hand ballot recount is mostly matching the computer count and mistakes they have found have not significantly changed the vote total.   

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell said Raffensperger made the comment after discussing death threats and scathing political attacks he has received from members of his own party. 

"What's really troubling about it is when threats actually came into my wife's you know cell phone," said Raffensperger. 

These are some of the threats sent to at threat to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's wife's private cell phone number and obtained exclusively by FOX 5:

"You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it." 

"Your husband deserves to face a firing squad."

"The Raffenspergers should be put on trial for treason and face execution."

"That is what is really offensive," said Raffensperger.

The personal threats and political attacks have flown fast and furious at Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State. He has said all along the election was fair, free of fraud, and accurate.

"I believe we had a successful election," said Raffesnperger. 

But his Republican brothers and sisters disagreed, blaming him for not heeding the call to root out more alleged illegal votes.   

From President Trump's tweets, to Senators Loeffler and Perdue calling for his resignation, and losing Republican Senate candidate and Trump's recount director Doug Collins tweeting Raffesnperger was incompetent.  

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"I know that Doug Collins and his acolytes are spinning people up, and it's time that he just mans up, grows up, and speaks the truth instead of speaking lies," said the Secretary of State.

Raffensperger says even South Carolina Lindsey Graham got into the act. Calling and asking for Raffensperger to improperly discard ballots that may have issues with matching signatures.

Do you feel like he wanted you to throw out valid votes, Sen. Graham?

"If you went along with his logic that's exactly what would happen," said Raffensperger.

Sen. Graham told the Washington Post that Raffensperger's version of the phone call was ridiculous.

While publicly under attack, Raffensperger’s staff has privately conducted numerous investigations of alleged hacking  in Gwinnett, Morgan, Spalding county, and more. 

When your people investigated allegations of hacking, they did not find any?

"We have not found any," said Raffensperger. 

Earlier this year the I-Team reported on two different Georgia elections that involved double votes cast. Soon after, Raffesnperger announced his office found some 1400 double votes and vowed to prosecute anyone who voted twice.

Russell: "You came out strongly and said, 'Folks, this is illegal..."

Raffensperger: "Yes."

Russell: "Did it work?"

Raffensperger: "It actually did. We had about 400 folks who double voted this time. So, we had 400. That's terrible. Yes it is, but we had 1400 last time," said Raffensperger.

Raffensperger worries about voter turnout for the Senate run-off, with all these Republican attacks on the fairness of the system.

"It seems like we tend to eat our own. Sometimes Democrats are attacking us, this time all they need to do is go out and buy a box of popcorn and watch this fight," said Raffesnperger.

And as the recount continues, Raffensperger said the hand ballots are matching the machine count and the differences are not enough to over Joe Biden's 14,000 vote lead that is now down to under 13,000 votes.

Russell: "So Joe Biden would appear to be the winner in Georgia, once it all comes in?"

Raffensperger: "That's how it's gonna look right now based on the preliminary reports."

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