Tripp Halstead Enjoys Field Trip to Washington Farms

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What better way to enjoy the fall season than going to a pumpkin patch?! That’s exactly what Tripp Halstead did on Wednesday.

Tripp, who suffered severe brain injuries almost three years ago, went on a field trip to Washington Farms.

“He went on a hay ride and saw lots of little animals,” his mother Stacy shared on Facebook. “He went down the slide and brought home a little pumpkin.”

Stacy said her son goes on one field trip a year and she always accompanies him.

“Tripp has had the best day! He was so smiley at Washington Farms.”

Next week marks the three years anniversary of Tripp’s accident. He was critically injured when a tree limb fell on him outside his Winder day care center and afterwards he spent months at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recovering. Wednesday evening, Stacy shared an emotional post about how she deals with tragedy and on Monday she said every year it’s hard on her.

"Every one told me that recovery from a brain injury is a very slow process. It has been described as a dance. Two steps forward, one step back. Or a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs.

I have learned so much through this journey and I'm excited to learn more. To watch Tripp say his first word, taste that first bite, take that first step. I know they will happen. These are the steps forward, the ups I can look forward to.

But I also know we have some big surgeries ahead of us. Spine surgery. Hip surgery. Rebuilding his skull. Those are the steps back, the downs that I dread. I know those will happen too."

Earlier this month, Tripp started a new form of therapy in hopes of waking up any brain cells that were damaged in the incident. FOX 5 caught up with Stacy about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

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