Tree service companies busy across Georgia

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Tuesday was a busy day across north Georgia for tree service companies as Irma tore down trees across the state.

Tree cutters have been hard at work across the state clearing trees in a massive cleanup effort. Some arborists got to work Monday during the height of the storm.

Omar Santos and his crew were busy clearing downed and damaged trees at a home in Atlanta.

“A lot of busy, yesterday, today, last night too, trees everywhere,” said Santos.

Falling trees caused two storm related deaths in the metro area.

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Santos and his crew assisted first responders working the fatality in Sandy Springs during the height of Monday's storm. They cleared the tree that fell on a house, killing a man inside.

“So bad, so I gotta go help and try to do the best I can, so they can get the body inside the house,” said Santos.

Tree service companies fanned out across the state, answering calls for service. Some were even roaming the streets in search of work. And there was plenty of it.

Irma rolled through Georgia on Monday as a Tropical Storm with a damaging combination of high winds and rain that toppled hundreds of trees. Those trees knocked down power lines, blocking roadways, and damaged homes.

“Yesterday, was a lot of wind, too dangerous but we did it you know. We had to do it, tried to help the best we can,” said Santos.

The Better Business Bureau reminds storm victims to do some research before hiring tree service companies. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and ask for referrals.

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