Transient arrested after pushing man under moving truck in downtown L.A.

A transient has been arrested after shocking surveillance video showed him shoving a man underneath oncoming traffic in an unprovoked attack in downtown L.A. Wednesday morning.

It happened around 10:45 am in front of the Sultan restaurant near 6th and Broadway, and was caught on the restaurants surveillance video.

Prepare yourself for what you're about to see in the video and keep an eye on the man in the yellow jacket shaking his head in a completely unprovoked attack.

He gets up and shoves a man into oncoming traffic.The victim is run over by a box truck and is pinned under the wheels as he writhes around in pain. His bones broken and lungs collapsed.

After the suspect shoves the victim into the truck he leans down and picks something up and then he puts his hands into his pockets and calmly walks away.

The truck driver backs the vehicle off the man and bystanders come to his aid.

This horrific attack isn't the only one to happen in this area recently.

FOX 11 obtained exclusive video back in June after a transient armed with a a 2x4 with a nail in it used the weapon to gash a mans face open as he walked his dog.

As for this disturbing incident paramedics eventually arrive to treat the man who is lucky to be alive.

According to LAPD, the suspect was arrested at 6:45 pm Wednesday night after some LAFD guys recognized the suspect's jacket and called police.