Tourism spikes in Rabun County for solar eclipse

Hotels are at capacity across north Georgia as people put themselves in the path of Monday's solar eclipse. Visitors and local businesses are excited about what's to come, especially in Rabun County.

In downtown Clayton and all over Rabun County, tens of thousands of people are expected to visit for the solar eclipse, and locals and businesses alike are totally embracing it.

Carrie and Nicolaus Poss live along Highway 441 in Clayton and plan to sell parking spots for Mondays' solar eclipse. 

"I've heard different things, maybe a hundred years when it happens again down here," said Carrie. "Good view of the sky."

Just down the street at Goats on the Roof in Tiger, owners April and Russ Phillips say people have been calling all day long to see if they can park on their property and experience the eclipse with the animals.   

"We, of course, ordered extra stuff, preparing for the apocalypse," said Phillips.

Joshua Farmer and his wife Anoukk stopped to visit the goats Sunday. The couple will celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary this week, and drove all the way from Key Largo, Florida to be part of the excitement. 

"I don't know when the next time is we'll be close enough to see the eclipse," said Farmer.

Locals say they've already seen an increase in the traffic coming into town this weekend and Monday should bring even more.

"We have some expectations that there should be a lot of people," said Poss. "Monday morning lots of people will be in."