Tough negotiations ahead for Atlanta police pay increase

The clock is ticking for Atlanta political leaders to reach a compensation agreement with Atlanta Police Department officers.

The city is approximately 500 officers short of full staffing. Higher pay and incentives, like take home cars, are what rival agencies are using to woo the officers to leave.

The union last month made an appeal saying the market has changed -- that packages that used to be accepted may not today.

Officers put a 12 percent hike on the table.

Mayor Andre Dickens countered with a two percent cost of living increase, which is what most of the workers are slated to receive.

When asked about the apparent impasse, the mayor told Atlanta City Council members Thursday afternoon the negotiations are continuing.

It is a wide gap to close. The council members’ opinions do matter.

The first step for them to formally weigh in will come next Wednesday when the finance panel takes up the budget.