Toddler recovering after dog attack in southwest Atlanta

A toddler is recovering from a Rottweiler attack in southwest Atlanta.

The dog’s owner said she rushed home from running errands when she heard about the attack. She said she was surprised to hear the dog chewed through her wooden fence and severely injured a 2-year-old a couple of houses down from her home.

She said the dog hasn’t shown signs of violence but neighbors said otherwise.

"There are several children that ride their bikes scooters, there are multiple children here," a woman who goes by Kennedy said.

Kennedy runs a business in the community.

Atlanta police have a report of a dog attacking a father as he held the son above his head. The dog managed to jump up and grab the child, who now has severe lacerations to the head. The little boy’s father has cuts on his arms.

Authorities took the dog that day.

"I was hurt but also I understand," the dog’s owner, E’body Dancer said. "I can’t be mad because he bit someone but at the same time dang my dog really bit somebody, he’s friendly with my other dogs."

The dog’s owner said she hasn’t had the chance to speak with the family since last week’s attack.

"I would like to say, ‘I am sincere. I apologize for my dog biting your child and I would like to know who you are so I can tell you in person,’" she said.

Kennedy said she often sees dogs off of leashes and worries about her family’s safety, despite the metal fence surrounding her space.

"There are rules and you will have to abide by those rules or you will get left out and there are consequences for the choices that you make and we’ve asked you to put your dogs on a leash because if it was my son it would have been a problem," Kennedy said.

She’s one of several people nearby who say something has to change after this attack

Reporter: "Neighbors say they’re frustrated. They say that this has been an issue. What’s your response to that?"

Dancer: "I don’t have a response."

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