Tight security for incoming cargo at NRG Stadium

It never stops...a steady flow of trucks enters the parking lot near NRG Stadium and files down chutes made of shipping containers.

"We keep count every day and we're running 180-to-200 a day," says Erik Shoberg with Customs and Border Protection. "We expect that to go up as we get close to game day and all the food and drink gets here." 

Once in the chute, it's time for XE trucks, that are actually like rolling X-ray machines, scanning the interior of trucks. If something looks suspicious or doesn't match the paperwork, it gets searched. Even if it does match the documents, it still gets a once over from the bomb-sniffing dogs.

The shipping containers  that make up the chutes aren't empty -- they are full of sand. The idea is that if someone is smuggling in a bomb and they panic when they see the scanners and they decide to detonate it, the blast is contained. This is all part of the Customs and Border Protection plan to protect the Super Bowl. The trucks usually work the ports and airports. So far, so good.

"We had one image that was unnerving," says Shoberg. "It was a rectangular box with a pipe coming out of it that looked like a machine gun but in reality when we opened it up it was a jackhammer." 

After it's been cleared, it's not over. Houston Police Department picks up the ball. The truckers head to NRG Park under a tight escort. This is no time for a fumble.