Three injured in Haralson County house fire

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One killed and eight injured in two separate Haralson County house fires.

Haralson County firefighters said the fatal call came in as four people trapped. They raced to the brick home on Jalette Road where five people, including a 4-year-old and 10-month-old, had escaped, but one woman did not make it out and died on the scene.

"It is always a sad day when this happens in our careers. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family," Chief Brian Walker said.

The chief said fire investigators do not know where or why the blaze started, but with temperatures dropping below freezing investigators questions will definitely cover one area.

"Last night being one of the coldest nights of the year, temperatures dropping to 25 degrees, you automatically wonder about the heating source," the fire chief commented.

Five people escaped the brick house fire and are being treated at various area hospitals.

Across the county just about six hours earlier a mammoth explosion rocked a mobile home on Mountainview Circle.

Three people suffered injuries overnight Thursday after a home in Haralson County caught on fire and exploded, according to fire officials. One man walked away from the explosion with no injuries.

Investigators are working to learn what caused the propane tank explosion, but do not believe any suspicious activity was involved.

"It was a huge explosion. I could hear it and I probably live a half a mile away," Haralson county resident Maryanne Crawford recalled.

Mrs. Crawford knew her neighbors who survived a propane heater explosion. Two were flown to Grady Memorial Hospital and a third was transported by ambulance, all with extensive burns.

They have lost everything right here at the holidays.

"I am really surprised anybody lived through this. It's shocking. It's really shocking," said neighbor Crawford.

"It's a sad situation to see people this time of year with a burnt house," Crawford lamented.