Three gang members arrested in Marietta

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Marietta Police have rounded up some members of what they are calling a hybrid gang, a conglomerate of Bloods, Crips and Gangster Disciples.

On Thursday Police executed search warrants and arrests at a home on Kirkpatrick Drive.

23-year-old Franklin Ellis Summerour is a known "Blood" gang member, and was arrested and charged in connection to a gang-related shooting in Marietta, according to police.

Summerour was charged with aggravated assault.

He was arrested at 300 Kirkpatrick Road, along with the other two gang members, according to police.

Neighbor Elyse Baldwin recorded video of the SWAT team in her neighborhood.

"Pretty surprising. I mean the Marietta Square is like 3 minutes away, so you don't expect that in a nice quiet neighborhood," said Baldwin.

Marietta Police said a shooting elsewhere started the investigative ball rolling.

"Our investigation started back on April 4th regarding a shooting incident that occurred at 318 Roosevelt Circle," said Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

He said the shooting at the Roosevelt Circle home led to the arrest of Franklin Ellis Summerour on aggravated assault, cruelty to children and other charges.

No one at the home wanted to talk. Police say the incident here led to search warrants for the Kirkpatrick Drive home which led to arrests and details emerging of what police call a hybrid gang, a collection of Bloods, Crips and Gangster Disciples known as DMB, Dem Marietta Boys.

"DMB is unique in that it is made up of gang members from what would typically be thought of as competing gangs. So you have bloods, Crips as well as gangsters disciples, all working together as one criminal element," said Officer McPhilamy.

One of those elements was forgery involving counterfeit checks worth hundreds of dollars.

"I'd love to know how our name got on there or why we were selected," said Natacia Moss, the
office manager at Atound the Town Moving in Marietta.

She said the company is working with police to try to determine why they  were the target of forgery.

And more importantly to see if there are other victims of the hybrid gang.

"Who knows the depths of where this is going to all end so I'm concerned for all parties involved," said Moss.

Marietta Police said they are working with other agencies and expect to release more information about the activities of the hybrid gang in the near future.

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