Thousands worth of guns stolen from Cherokee County gun range

Thousands of dollars in guns are now on the streets after crooks smash their way into a gun store in Cherokee County. 

Police are trying to track down the thieves who broke into the Big Woods Goods Firearms store in Holly Springs.

Surveillance video shows four guys using sledge hammers to smash their way through the front doors.  Once inside The Big Woods Goods they jump over the counter and start grabbing guns.

Owner Ramuel Martinez says they worked fast, taking guns from the glass cases and wall closest to the door, but they didn't get as many as they wanted.  "As they were walking they were dropping guns, so there were several guns recovered on the floor on the way out," said Martinez.

Martinez says it's not the loss of the guns that bothers him.  "More than the value and damage, it's more the fact we don't want firearms in the hands of people that aren't supposed to have them," said Martinez.

Police say this is the first time thieves have targeted Big Woods Guns, however other gun stores in the area have been hit.  Detectives are working with the ATF and other jurisdictions that have had similar crimes.