Third party candidate could shake up governor's race

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While much of the focus has been on the two major party candidates for Georgia governor, a third candidate could have a big impact on what happens November 6.

Ted Metz is the Libertarian candidate running against Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.  He wants voters to know they have a choice.

"It is painted in the media as a two-person race, which it is not," said Metz.  "The mainstream two-party system is dying and Americans are hungry for a third voice or a fourth voice or a fifth voice." 

A new Opinion Savvy poll for FOX 5 shows Metz with 1.3 percent, Kemp with 48.8 percent and Abrams with 47.7 percent.  If none of the candidates win a majority of the vote, that would force a runoff. 

Metz is a strong supporter of education and healthcare reform.  He said school are too focused on teaching for standardized tests, rather than teaching skills that students can use in the real world.  He also wants to see more technical education for high schoolers so they can get jobs after graduation.

The Libertarian would like to eliminate the state income tax and instead fund government on sales and use taxes, which he believes are more fair.

While it is unlikely Metz will win in November, he said his candidacy has spurred more conversation about cannabis in Georgia.

"I would want to see cannabis as legal as tomatoes, cucumbers and onions," Metz explained. 

If elected, Metz would sign an executive order decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.  He believes expanding cannabis access would help patients who rely on it and would boost Georgia's agriculture economy.