Thieves use tow truck to steal vehicles

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Police say a thief is stealing vehicles without using keys and maybe even without breaking into them at all.

It’s happening in Roswell where police say someone is using an unmarked tow truck to take cars, trucks, SUVs, and even a motorcycle.

The most recent vehicle theft occurred at the Holiday Inn parking lot on Mansell Road. Surveillance cameras recorded a black or dark green unmarked tow truck-style vehicle taking another silver sedan

Roswell Police suspect someone custom-made the truck specifically to steal cars.

“It appears that it’s not a legitimate business type vehicle that it is a vehicle made for purposes of towing cars,” said Officer Lisa Holland with the Roswell Police Department.

She said vehicles including a Cadillac CTS have been recovered, fully stripped and then dumped in out-of-the-way spots in Cobb County.

“Seats, steering wheels, anything you can think of that has been removed from the car,” said Officer Holland.

Augustin Pedraza told FOX 5 News he and his family discovered their Escalade stolen from an apartment parking lot when they were visiting his brother. His son Alex is hoping no one else gets hurt.

“And they might steal other cars and might get money by it,” Alex said.

Harrison Gunn said his Suzuki motorcycle was stolen from his carport while he was out of town while his parents were at his Roswell home.

“It had to be really fast, so I’m not surprised, I mean they probably did it to a bunch of people, I’m not surprised at all,” said Gunn.

Since January, police said Gunn’s motorcycle and nine other vehicles have been stolen, chopped into parts and abandoned. Now they’re asking residents to keep an eye out unmarked tow trucks.

“If you see one that has no markings what so ever and they’re actually towing a vehicle it’s a great idea to call 911,” said Officer Holland.