Thieves target wireless stores in Henry County

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Henry County police are searching for thieves who targeted two wireless stores in Ellenwood and Stockbridge last week. The burglars broke into the Metro PCS store on Hudson Bridge Road early Friday morning.

Responding officers found the front door shattered, and the power cut. The alarm system had been ripped off the wall. Inside the store, officers said several phones had been stolen.

WATCH: Burglars seem to know the ins and outs of breaking into wireless stores

Henry County Police Captain Mike Ireland said, “What it appears these guys are doing is trying to cut the surveillance system and cut the power before they actually go in.”

Thieves busted a store window to enter the Metro PCS store in Ellenwood early Saturday morning. They reportedly made off with over $4,000 worth of phones and cash. One of the burglars was still in the store when officers arrived, but ran out the back and into a nearby wooded area.

Store associate Shawntel Card is disturbed by the way the crooks appeared to know how to access store merchandise and money.

“They cut the security power all off; they knew where our keys were to unlock things, and they went directly for the money. It was just bad,” said Card.

Police are processing surveillance video from the crime scenes as the search continues to for the suspects. Card said employees are on guard.

“We just stick close together at all times and make sure we look out for one another,” said Card.

Police are now looking into the possibility that the same two suspects who committed the burglaries over the weekend ,may be responsible for similar crimes in the area.

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