Thieves steal supplies from Woodstock church trailer

A Woodstock congregation is praying for some divine intervention after someone stole a trailer from their parking lot.

It was full of supplies used by Thrive Chapel for church services and much more.

Pastor Sean Jazdzyk showed FOX 5 the empty spot in the parking lot where the trailer was stolen.

“So where you see these patch here is where the trailer was sitting and some of the weeds have grown up underneath it,” said Pastor Jazdzyk.

He said he learned of the stolen trailer when he got a call from a volunteer.

It’s a bare patch of a parking lot now where late last week Pastor Sean Jazdzyk last saw his church’s trailer.

“Saturday, a volunteer came in to set up the parking lot for Sunday morning services and he called to say 'Hey, the trailer's not here,'” Jazdzyk said.

He said the trailer was filled with important supplies, church banners, kiosks, chairs, computers, bouncy toys, and even a portable baptismal pool.

“Culturally, it is kind of big thieve business of  – that’s a term of stealing church trailers – cause typically they’ve got a lot of expensive audio equipment,” Jazdzyk said.

The expensive electronics are secured in the chapel in the building the congregation moved into several years ago after holding services at local schools.

Thrive Chapel started about five years ago when Jazz-ick and his wife moved to the city from St. Louis to open it as a mobile church.

After securing the building they expanded it by knocking out closets, prompting them to store supplies in the trailer.

“We have a very limited amount of space, so we wanted to utilize every area we possibly could for people use rather than storage,” said Tara Jazdzyk, the pastor’s wife.

Making matters worse, so far there is no surveillance video or pictures.

Thrive Chapel’s cameras were not pointed toward where the trailer was stolen, the neighbor's cameras were not working and police are still checking with nearby businesses.

Helping to ease the pain, is the huge response on social media.

“Lots of local pastors and even pastors from local states that have heard about this have called and said hey what can we send you, what can we offer you, what can we let you borrow in this time,” Jazdzyk said.

The pastor’s wife said the congregation can forgive, with this message to whoever stole the trailer.

“We absolutely forgive you we just would really appreciate our trailer and the contents back,” said Tara Jazdzyk.

The pastor says the contents were worth about $20,000.

He said someone on social media said they spotted the trailer being towed on Interstate 85 near Winder.