Thieves steal from auto store twice in one week

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A store owner in DeKalb County has been forced to close his business after he says thieves broke into his shop and stole electronics.

But that's not the worst part.

The victim told FOX 5 News this was the second time someone had stolen from his store this week.

Mike Nguyen, owner of Advance Auto Tech on Flat Shoals Parkway says the crooks left him without the computers he needs to run his business.

"The diagnostic computer outside is stolen too," he said.

He says the trio of thieves his shop Friday night by cutting a chain-link fence and smashed through one of his windows.

What's even more disturbing is Nguyen says the burglars ran out of the store after setting off an alarm but came back a short time later.

"They waited for 30 minutes and came back into the back office and took the laptop," he said.

The incident is the second setback this week for his store.

He says someone also stole a car off his property, but police officers later recovered it.

Now he desperately wants the crimes to stop.

"A lot of customers came in get a car fixed but I can not do anything because of no computers," he said. "It's very difficult to do business with all these problems,"