Thieves steal from Atlanta church's food pantry twice in one week, pastor says

An Atlanta pastor said his church's mission to feed the hungry is more difficult to accomplish after someone broke into the food pantry. 

The burglary and vandalism hurt the community, he says, because the essentials robbers took were free for anyone who asked. 

F. Keith Slaughter, the pastor of Beloved Community Church on Ira Street, wonders why thieves broke in overnight on Feb. 1 and stole $2,000 worth of goods. 

The thieves came back two days later and stole what was left. 

"It makes it really disheartening to feel that people would steal from us when everything is free," he said.

Parishioner Joyce Tripp said she and many others get a hot meal at the church three days a week and a box of food on Sundays.

"We are family, we get love here," she said. "Why would you interfere with that? You want a piece of love, come get some. You don't got to break into our church. We got plenty for you. Just ask."

If you'd like to help the church with donations to recover from thefts, they said they would be grateful. The Beloved Community Church of Atlanta is located at 1113 Ira Street SW in Atlanta.