Thieves steal equipment, trailer from local Boy Scouts

It's back to the drawing board for a local Boy Scouts of America group after thieves made off with their trailer full of equipment.

Troop 1109, out of Cumming, Georgia, used the tools to host their community service projects. They tell FOX 5 the items were worth $10,000. And they noticed it missing from a friend's private property Thursday night.

The group made up of nearly 30 children is deeply disappointed by the recent thefts.

"It's very devastating. It had all of our gear, all of our pots and pans," Caiden Spraetz said.

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"I was very disappointed when I found out because we worked really hard to get all of this equipment. We did fundraisers," Sean Klein said.

Scout master Tom Gillon said the trailer was full of tools, camping equipment and patrol flags, among other items. Scout members depend on the equipment to carry out their mission.

"It's a gated facility and requires a passcode. I don't understand how anyone overcame the security measures," Gillon said of the place where the incident occurred.

Gillon insisted the group will continue on with its mission. He hopes to raise money to replace all that was taken.

"They are learning to deal with issues that come up like this so I know we are going to be fine," Gillon said.