Thieves steal $50K of photo equipment in Buckhead

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Were they lucky or did they know what they were looking for?

Professional photographer Steven McCrary is wondering that question after emerging from a studio to find broken glass all around his truck.

Two men grabbed his high-tech cameras that have been used on Hollywood productions.

A surveillance video of the Buckhead parking lot on DeFoor Mill Road shows it took just a few minutes to snatch the equipment.

"The video shows two men. First they peer through the windows, they see the equipment, then they come, they put gloves on, break the window, and help themselves to the equipment inside of the truck," Steven's wife Sarah McCrary said.

McCrary's equipment is valued at almost $50,000.

Even though motorists were passing by on the busy Buckhead street, the two men don't seem bothered as they commit their crime.

Sarah McCrary says the chance is the men don't even know what they stole.

"There's only a select number of individuals in the area that would know what the equipment is and how to use the equipment," she says.

The couple offered a $5,000 reward for the anonymous return of the stolen goods. After the story ran on FOX 5, the equipment was returned in exchange for the reward.

The two men were seen driving away in a silver Camry, though police say they can't tell if the vehicle belongs to either suspect.