Thieves steal 3 cars in Milton neighborhoods

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Police in Georgia's second safest city are asking residents to take practical safety precautions after a crew of thieves targeted several Milton neighborhoods and stole three cars and a number of valuables from vehicles.

The crimes happened during the early morning hours of June 6 in several subdivisions along Hopewell Road. Police said of the three cars stolen, all of them were unlocked and had the keys inside. Thirteen other residents left cars unlocked and had purses, laptops, tablets, cash, and other valuables stolen. A number were simply rifled through and nothing was taken.

Police released surveillance of the thieves at a gas station off Windward Parkway and Highway 9. A red 2013 BMW X5 and maroon 2013 Dodge Durango are still missing. The third stolen vehicle was recovered.

No word how many individuals were in this crew or if they've targeted other cities before.

Police are warning residents to lock car doors, take out keys and valuables, and try to park in garages and shut garage doors.