Thieves ruin Marietta family's Halloween display

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A Marietta man is fed up after thieves kept stealing from his elaborate Halloween display and decided to take the whole thing down.  

Adam Massey replaced the display with a sign that reads, "Due to multiple stolen decorations we will no longer be decorating this year! Sorry!!!"

"It's like Halloween is dying off now," Massey said. "It's like you can't even decorate anymore."

Massey said for years they've decorated their yard, and it starts weeks before Halloween. This year they had a dead landscaper being run over by a lawn mower, three guys sitting at a poker table, a man in a coffin, and a floating witch.

"People honk the horn, take pictures, stop and look at it," he said. "Come close to Halloween they come ask all kinds of questions and now they're going to wonder [where the decorations all went]."

Massey said on Sunday he'd finally had enough when he came out to find the heads of his displays removed, some masks gone, and more items taken.

"We just got fed up and said screw it," he said.

So when you drive by his house now all you see is the sign. And Massey has only one message for the culprits:

"Karma will come back and get you. It's messed up. You're not only taking away from me, but you're taking away from the kids that come here every year."

Massey said the worst part was explaining to his sons why the Halloween decorations are gone.

"We just tell them bad guys came and took the Halloween," he said.