Thieves carjack two cars from IRS agent

A bizarre carjacking happened in Southeast Atlanta this morning after a group of thieves stole two cars from a government employee at gunpoint.

Both cars, a B.M.W. and a Ford Charger, have been recovered, but the three men are still on the run.

Police say three young men approached the victim on Oak Grove Avenue, pointed a gun at him, and sped off in the cars at around 7:30 this morning. They believe the men were riding around the neighborhood looking for an opportunity when they came across an IRS agent getting into an unmarked government car.

Atlanta Police Department Sergeant A.B. Horn said the double carjacking is a bit unusual.

"By the time the victim turns around it's too late," he said.

The IRS agent said he got a good look at all three thieves and said he believed the youngest to be around 16 years old.