Thieves break into home, steal car key, come back later to steal car

Authorities in several jurisdictions are looking for some car thieves who have been on the run for five days. Police said they are armed and dangerous.

Decatur Police said four young men broke into a home Thursday morning and stole computers, cash, and a spare key to a 2010 Mazda. The homeowner had the car with her at work. Later that night, police said the thieves came back, with the spare key in hand, and stole the Mazda out of the driveway.

"We had just gone inside, our neighbors had gone in and within five minutes, we heard some clattering and they were out here. I knew it was them back to get the car," said Miranda Gore, the homeowner.

Two days later, the car was spotted in Atlanta. Police tried to stop it, but they got away. The following day, police in Cobb County said the crooks tried to break into another vehicle, but a man caught them and tried to stop them. Police said as the car thieves sped away in the Mazda, one of them pointing a gun out the window and firing. No one was hit, but the thieves got away.

The car was ditched in Atlanta the next night, but with the bandits still on the run.

Neighbors said they are adding security.

"I'm setting my alarm every time I leave the house, tomorrow we're having the Ring installed and we have a camera system in the back, plus we've added a lot of lighting," said neighbor Kristal Manning.

Gore and her husband, Eric Shealy, have added security cameras and got a dog name Mixie. As for her Mazda, Gore said she does not think she wants it back.

"It's got all this bad Karma with it now, I don't think I want it anymore," said Gore.